11 tours are on offer with different categories and levels of difficulty ( easy , medium , difficult ) which include various activities such as : sightseeing tour around Tusheti either on foot or on horseback , one -day hiking tours or more . All the necessary equipment , food and tour-guides are provided.

Keselo - Kue

13km, 4-5 hours, Walking Tour, Easy

Main attractions: Village Zemo Omalo, Keselo Fortress, Ethnographic Museum. Also: beautiful nature, different species of birds, wild goats. Tour starts at Tusheti Protected Areas Visitors Centre. First stop is Zemo Omalo and after that, Keselo fortress. There tourists can visit Ethnographic Museum. Entrance is free, but there is a box for donations. From Kue fields (Field is near village Omalo, surrounded by pine trees) tourists can observe wild goats. Recommended time for the tour is midday, because finding wild goats at this time is more likely. Tourists can also see rear wild animals and scavenger birds. 
Drinking water is accessible at villages Kvemo Omalo and Zemo Omalo. 

Visitors Centre in Kvemo Omalo

100 meters from Protected Area sign - Tusheti Protected Areas administration building. Beuatiful complex surrounded with pine forest. 

Visitors centre has the view on several villages: Qumelaurta, Tsokalta, Chiglaurta and Khakhabo.

With help of Visitors Centre guests can get information about Tusheti protected areas and sightseeing, plan tours, book hotels, hire cars, horses, hiking equipment (Tent, binocular, mountain bike). Guests can also use special tent area at visitors centre or stay at their hotel. Visitors centre has cafeteria. 


Dartlo - Kvavlo

25km, 2 days, walking and horse riding, medium level
Main Attractions: Villages: Zemo Omalo, Dartlo, Kvavlo Tower. Tour starts from Visitors Centre. First village is Omalo and after that - Kue. Kue field is located between Pirikita, Gometsri and Chagmi. From the field tour follows horse-riding road on Tsitelta mountain and goes through the pass dividing Pirikita and Gometsari. From the pass tour follows northern mountainside to Dartlo. 
Dartlo is very exceptional village in Tusheti. Its architecture and nature is different from any other place. There is a road going from Dartlo to Dano and from there - to village Kvavlo. On top of the road you can see the Kvavlo tower with its pyramid shaped roof. Whole village is built on the side of a rocky mountain. Parts of the village are connected with paths built from stones. 
Tour description:
Day 1: Village Omalo - Ghele - Dartlo. Lenght - 12km. Tourists can spend the night in Dartlo family guests houses. There is also tent place near the village. 

Day 2: Village Dartlo - Dano - Kvavlo. Dartlo - Ghele - Kvemo Omalo - Visitors Centre. (Lengh - 13km)


73km, 6 days, Walking and horse riding tour; Hard

Main Attractions: One of the most beautiful villages in Tusheti - Dartlo; Fortresses from middle ages; Pirikita valley; Atsuneti path; Goat-Antelopes; Different species of birds; Pirikita Khevsureti and amazing traditional architecture of Mutso and Shatili. 
Tour starts from Omalo and mostly follows the road to Dartlo. From Pirikita-Gometsri pass road goes to Pirikita valley. From Dartlo road follows river Alazani left-bank. After Girevi tourists have to walk to the right side of the river Alazani and from there to head water. From this point tour follows a path on Atsuneti pass, located between Khevsureti and Tusheti. This path ends in Khevsureti. Tour ends in village Shatili and from there tourists can take a ride to Tbilisi. 
On this tour visitors can see flocks of sheep (Chesho, Tursiekhi, Luibarche and Sagintskaro) and meet local shepherds. Also they can be a part of local cheese-making process and see Georgian bred animals: Tushetian sheep, Tushetian Horse, Shepherd Dog. 
Walking Tour Schedule Outline:
Day 1: Village Omalo - Dartlo; Length - 18km; Tourists can spend the night in Dartlo family guests houses. There is also tent place near the village. 
Day 2: Village Dartlo - Girevi. Length - 13.5km; Tourists will spend the night in Tents. 
Day 3: Village Girevi - Kvakhidi. 16km; Tourists will spend the night in Tents. 
Day 4: Village Kvakhidi - Khidotani; Tourists will spend the night in Tents. 
Day 5: Khidotani - Mutso; Tourists will spend the night in Tents. 
Day 6: Village Mutso - Shatili


28km, 1-2 days, Walking and horse-riding; Medium

Main Attractions:  One of the most beautiful villages in Tusheti - Shenako; Old ruins of Diklo; Nature; Different species of birds; Local Tushetian beer tasting; 
Tour starts from Omalo and follows the road to Pirikita Alazani bank. From there it goes through village Sheanako and to village Diklo. By horse this tour can take only one day. To fully enjoy the nature and villages, spending a night is recommended. 
Shenako is one of the most beautiful villages of Tusheti. Village has narrow streets and old, traditional houses. There is also an old, historical brewery, where guests can taste local beer. 
Before XIX century village Diklo was located on steep rocky mountain, 2km from current location. Old village was destroyed by Dagestan invasion. 

There are several guest houses in Diklo. There is also a place for tents near the village. Also, there’s a big chance to see wild goats on the road. Drinking water can be found in Omalo, Shenako and Diklo. 
Additional Information: There are several shephard dwellings near this route. (Shenako, Dotkalto turn and Old Diklo) Getting close to their dogs is not recommended.
On the way back it’s better to take a turn to Ageurti. This was a village once and tourists can see what’s left of this once crowded and beautiful village. 
Walking Tour Schedule Outline:
Day 1: Villages Omalo - Shenako - Diklo (Length 14km); Tourists can spend the night in Shenako or Diklo guest houses or in tents. 
Day 2: Village Diklo - Aguerta - Tkhilovani - Village Kvemo Omalo/Visitors Centre (Length 14km)


63km, 4 Days, Horse-Riding, Hard
Main Attractions: Villages: Zemo Omalo and Dartlo; Dartlo Sabcheo (Old, traditional Tushetian court) Defense towers of Pirika Valley; Verkhovani Hotel-Tower and traditional architecture of village Dochu. 
Tour starts from Kvemo Omalo, Tusheti protected areas visitors centre. Path goes to watershed ridge of Pirikia-Gometsri. This was the traditional gathering place for all four tribes of Tusheti. From there path goes to Dartlo, village with unique architecture. After Dartlo tour follows Pirikita Alazani left bank. Next stop is village Chesho. From the village you can see the “Tetritsikhe” tower, built on rocky mountain cliff. Road goes to village Parsma, built on a rocky plateau. There are three old, big fortress-houses left standing in the village and one tower with pyramid-shaped roof. 

From Parsma route follows Pirikita Alazani to Nakhaicho Pass. (2,900 meters from sea level). There is a narrow path from Nakhaicho to Dadikurta, one of the highest inhabited places in Tusheti. Dadikurta is located on 2,350 meters from sea level. 

Next is village Verkhovani and on its right side - village Tsovata. First abandoned village on the route is Tsaro. 
At the top of the village you can see burial tombs and on top of that - Cross of Monk Sameba. From there tour follows the water to Tsovata fields and abandoned villages. On the way back route goes to village Verkhovani, where tourists can see the highest tower of Tusheti. (17m). Next is village Jvarboseli with the amazing view on other villages: Vedziskhevi, Koklata and Alisgori. 
On Khitani field there is and old praying place of Khitanis Saint Giorgi. After that route follows Gometsri valley. Near the village Bochorna, route slowly goes down to Kue-Omalo. There is a lot of drinking water on this route. 
Route Schedule Outline: 
Day 1: Village Omalo - Chesho (18.5km), Spending night in Guest House or tent. 
Day 2: Village Chesho - Nakhaicho Pass - Tsovata - Village Verkhovani (25km), Spending night in Village Verkhovani or Alisgori guest house or in a tent. 
Day 3: Verkhovani/Alisgori - Dochu (7.5km) Spending night in Dochu guest houses. 
Day 4: Dochu - Kue - Omalo/Visitors Centre (12km)


49კმ, 3 Days, Horse Riding, Hard
Main Attractions: Village Zemo Omalo, Unique alpine fields, Architecture of village Dochu. 
Route starts at the Visitors Centre, visits Zemo Omalo and goes down Kue fields - cross-road between Pirika, Gometsri and Chagmi tribes. From there horse-riding path goes to  watershed ridge of Pirikia-Gometsri. From the ridge you can see both valleys - Pirikita and Gometsri. 

Route follows alpine zone to Gontai (Makratela Ridge, a watershed between Pirikita and Gometsri). After Gontai tour goes to Nakhaicho Pass (2,900m from sea level). Tourists will follow the path down Dadikurta. (2,300m from sea level) and enter village Verkhovani. Village has the highest tower in Tusheti. Next is village Jvarboseli, located at the foot of three other beautiful villages: Vedziskhevi, Koklati and Alisgori.
Route follows Gometsri valley. From the valley you can see several Tushetian villages. Tourists can spend a night in Dochu guest house. From village Bochorna tour goes Kue-Omalo. Drinking water is accessible in Kvemo Omalo, Gontai, Dadikurta, Verkhovani and Bochorna. There are also small natural springs on the route. 
There are several shephard dwellings along the route.


27km, 2 Days, Walking and Horse-Riding; Medium 

Main Attractions: Village Dochu, Pine Forest habitat, Wild Goat habitat; Alpine fields. 

From Omalo’s “Sadzakhebeli Gora” serpentine path goes to Khakhabo grove. Tourists will cross the river Alazani in Gomestri through the narrow bridge and go up on steep rise to village Khakhabo. From Khakhabo narrow path goes to Kekhi, where you can look down and see Gometsri, Chanchakhovani and Chagmi valleys. 

From Kekhi route goes to the leafy forest, crosses Ortskali bridge and follows the road to Gogrulta, located on the east side of Saalmi mountain.

Next stop after Gogrulta is Dochu valley. Dochu is built on rocky mountain. Houses in Dochu are different from other Tushetian villages - usually they have 3 floors and big balconies. 

From Dochu route goes to alpine zone of Sakheo, takes a turn to the east and follows a sledge pass to Gogorati hills. 

From Gometsari-Pirikita watershed ridge you can see the valleys of Pirikita, Chagmi and Gometsri. 

After that route goes to Zemo Omalo plateau and follows the path down to Kvemo Omalo. This route has a lot of places for clean, drinking water. 

Tour Description: 

Day 1: Omalo - Khakhabo - Gogrulta - Dochu (12km). Spending a night is possible in Dochu Guest House. 

Day 2: Dochu - Gogorata - Ghele - Omalo (Visitors Centre) 15km 


18km, 1-2 Days, Walking and Horse-Riding; Medium

Main Attractions: Oreti Lake and its great views; Interesting fauna. 

Route starts in Kvemo Omalo Visitors Centre and follows a road to village Kumelaurta. From Kumelaurta there is a walking path to Oreti Lake. There are no springs on the road after Kumelaurta, so it’s necessary to carry water. Going to Oreti Lake and returning to Omalo is possible in one day if you ride on the horse. If you choose to walk, it's recommended to spend a night at the Lake. Near it you can find a small spring and place for a tent. From Oreti you can see almost all Tusheti. 
Near the lake there are two types of birds - Caucasian Heath-Cock and Caucasian Showcock. Usually these birds are active in the morning and evening, so you can see and listen to them. On Oreti pathways travelers can see a roe, wild goats, bears. Rearly - wolf and a lynx.

Tour Description: 

Day 1: Omalo - Oreti Lake (9.5km); Spending a night in the tent;
Day 2: Oreti Lake - Omalo (8.5 km)

Fortress of Love

8km, 5 hours, Walking and Horse-Riding; Medium

Main Attractions: Village Omalo views; Forest habitat; Different species of birds; Fortress of Love.

Route starts at the Visitors Centre and follows the road to Shenako. Road goes down to valley and after the first turn there is walking path to the left. Path follows a very narrow bridge and after crossing the river turns left to ruins of fortress. These ruins are called “Fortress of Love”. Legends say that if you make a wish about love here, it will come true. 

Drinking water is accessible near Vedzi. While walking on this tour it's possible to see wild goats and different birds. 


Omalo - Alaznistavi - Khevsureti

50km, 3 Days, Hard
Main Attractions: Old Villages of Gometsri Valley; Dochu Architecture Unique groves of Birch. These type of Birch was added to the IUCN Red List. There are also territories filled with Caucasian Rhododendron and you can also discover Caucasian Heath-Cock. Borbalo Mountain and its territories, where you might see Goat-Antelopes. 
Route starts at Administration Building, goes to Kue and Mirgvela and continues in Gometsri Valley. There you can visit oldest villages. One of those villages is Dochu, example of Tusshetian traditional architecture. Route crosses Jvarboseli and Koklati villages and goes to Alazani river. These places are natural habitat to bears. 
After Alazani river, route goes to Borbalo, where travelers can find east-caucasian Goat-Antelopes. Borbalo is a farthest west point of Tusheti Protected Areas. 
Drinking water is accessible almost everywhere on the route, but carrying a small amount with yourself is still recommended. 
Tour Description:
Day 1: Omalo - Jvarboseli (22.5km) Spending a night is possible in Guest Houses. You can also sleep in a tent. 
Day 2: Jvarboseli - Alaznistavi (20km.) Night in a tent. 
Day 3: Alaznistavi - Borbalo (7.5km) Night in a tent.