Standing in Racha mountains you might feel like king of the world. Pshav-Khevsureti with its greatness sure will make you more humble, bowing to the mother nature. And in Tusheti you just become the part of it. Part of something breathtaking and almost miraculous. 

Unlike other mountains, Tusheti being part of the sun, it unlikely and unbelievably gentle. If you see it once, she will always call you back to herself. She will become part of your heart and soul and bring the sun with it. Road to Tusheti is hard, but the region itself is filled with love for guests. Mind and soul of this region, as well as its people is crystal clear, filled with humanity and love. 

Fortress-houses in Tusheti are built with slate and have huge, ornament-filled balconies. Their walls have inscriptions made with blades and swords. This one of a kind buildings feel like they are also a part of nature. In winter they share white coat of snow with mountains surrounding them and in spring, they become one with vast, green fields of grass. 

If you experience this level of beauty even once, you will have no chance not to remember Tusheti all the time. And every time you do, in your mind, you will see images of big bright sun on top of the mountains, you will taste berries in your mouth and smell poppies and wild daisies.