Samzeo restaurant

“Samzeo” restaurant can host 52 people. 

Fresh Tushetian air increases appetite and “Samzeo” restaurant will meet this challenge with delicious Georgian and Tushetian cuisine. In this case there is a need to make a choice between taste and health. Everything is delicious and healthy at the same time. 
From the restaurant you can enter a large terrace and enjoy breathtaking view of Tusheti nature. Interior and exterior of “Samzeo” restaurant and terrace is the part of hotel concept. Dark and calm colors dominated with blue, traditional Georgiam rugs and carpets, wooden tables and chairs, fireplace and comfortable furniture - all of this tastefully decorated with metal and clay elements is the perfect combination of modern and traditional. 
Every dish in “Samzeo” restaurant is prepared by professional chefs. Menu combines Tushetian and Georgian cuisine. Every ingredient is chosen carefully. Exceptional table setting makes process even more enjoyable. Restaurant also has a big assortment of beverages. Famous Tushetian beer helps guests relax and fully enjoy the nature.
Dark colors, wooden tables and chairs, beautiful lamps, clay pots with plants and other traditional elements make restaurant even more relaxing. 
Terrace can host 36 people and guests can enjoy beautiful decorative rugs, fireplace and fresh air.  

Also, hotel terrace has a barbecue and guests can observe how cooks make food. In common areas, including terrace, there’s always music in the background. Sometimes it’s modern and sometimes it’s traditional Tushetian melodies. 

Oppening Hours

7:30am -10:30 pm


6:30-10:30 pm


12:00-2:30 pm


7:30-11:00 am

Breakfast Buffett

USD 20 per person